Missionary Baptist Church
St. David

Bible Study is each Wednesday Night at 7:00 p.m.

Lesson 1:   Introduction to David                                           

Lesson 2:   Man Appoints, But GOD Anoints 

Lesson 3:   Saul's Moods and David's Music

Lesson 4:   When Two Giants Meet

Lesson 5:   The High Cost of Success

Lesson 6:   The Fugitive - March 16th

Lesson 7:   Reaching an All-Time Low - March 30th

Lesson 8:   A Prayer from a Cave - April 6th

Lesson 9:   How to Treat Your Enemy - April 13th 

Lesson 10: David and Abigail - April 20th

Lesson 11: David's Deep Depression - April 27th

Lesson 12: Two Men In Misery - May 4th


Study Guides are available at the Church at no cost for bible study participants.  Please see Pastor Ford, one of the Deacons, or the Church Clerk to obtain a study guide.


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