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St. David

A Brief History of St. David Missionary Baptist Church

          When this Church was organized, it was known as Vienna Baptist Church under the leadership of Rev. White.  In the year 1873, a group of willing and dedicated Christian men and women were doing the work of the Master on the Cleve Hornsby Place.  Later, the Church was moved to Highway 167 on the Haughton Davidson Place.  Still later, since a large portion of the congregation would ride from Ruston on the train or (doodle bug) as it was called in those days, the Church was moved to its present location.  Since that time faithful members have gone on to the great beyond and a few still remain.  We, too, like those before us, are struggling people filled with love and joy following the Savior.

          It was under the leadership of Rev. Henry E. Island when the name of the Church was officially changed to Saint David Baptist Church.  (We were told that this was the original name.)  Since the Church was moved to this location, several changes or repairs have been made.  In 1972, the building was turned around to face oncoming traffic.  Later in the same year other changes and remodeling were completed.  Still later other additions have been made.  In September of 2011 renovations of the church began.  Services were moved to Greenwood Recreation Center in Ruston, Louisiana.  The first service was held in the new sanctuary on May 27, 2012.  At the present renovations are not complete; however, we are able to conduct services in the sanctuary and the newly renovated kitchen and new bathrooms.  Dedicated members are still working to make more improvements and renovations in the near future.

          The church was incorporated January 18, 2006.  Presently funds are being raised for the purpose of completing phases 2 and 3 of the renovation process. 

          On April 17, 2013, Reverend Gordan D. Ford was elected as our 26th Pastor.


PASTORS (Prior to 1935)

               White; A. L. Adams; Alonzo Jones; Bishop Huey;              Champion; H. B. Zedd; William Rush; Jude Harris; and James Gipson

PASTORS (1935 to Present)

C. D. Simmons; Joe T. Taylor; L. W. Rogers; Israel R. Dunn; Jesse A. Hill; Lee Garner, Jr.; T. A. McDonald; H. D. Lewis; J. W. Braggs (Acting); Henry E. Island; Willie D. Simmons; E. L. Johnson; Jesse J. Williams; Zettie L. Moore, Jr.; Gairie Harris; Thomas B. Booker, Jr.; and Willie Meadows (Acting); Gordan D. Ford



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