Missionary Baptist Church
St. David

Ministries and Heads


Deacon Herbert Lyons, Deacons

Sister Katie M. Calloway, Deaconesses

Sister Clifter Calloway, Home Mission Society

Sister Lillian Combs, Hattie Colvin Missionary Circle

Sister Katie M. Calloway, Sunday School

Deacon Herbert Lyons, Transportation

Sister Karen C. Lewis, Pastor’s Aide

Deacon Herbert Lyons, Buildings and Grounds

Sister Gwendolyn Jenkins, Musician

Sister Patricia Hutcherson, Directress/Musician

Sister Martha Giles, Senior Ushers

Sister Lillian Combs, Vacation Bible School

Sister Karen Lewis, Senior Choir

Sister Katie M. Calloway, Christian Education

Sister Gwendolyn Jenkins, Public Relations

Sister Patricia Hutcherson, Youth Department

Sister Aezia Roberts, Youth President

Sister Patricia Hutcherson, Kitchen

Sister Lillian Combs, Custodial

Deacon Herbert Lyons, Cemetery


Sister Patricia Hutcherson, Budget/Finance Committee

Deacon Herbert Lyons, Building Committee

Deacon Jerry Lewis, Hospitality Committee

Sister Gwendolyn Jenkins, Pastor’s Appreciation Committee

Sister Martha Giles, Musicians Appreciation Committee

Sister Gwendolyn Jenkins, Program Committee

Sister Karen Lewis, By-Laws Committee

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